Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day party for kids

Because I do not enjoy going out on Valentine's Day, I thought I would host a little party for my nieces and nephews on the 14th so that my brother-in-laws and their wives can have free child care that night (except for my 9 month old nephew, we decided to have a 2-year-old age limit on our cousin parties) But one of Adam's brothers is going to Hawaii that week with his family (wah wah, I feel so bad them!) so I decided to have the party a week early. 

So I thought I would share some of my ideas, and maybe see if you have any to share also?

First, we're going to assemble our personal heart shaped pizzas!!
Then after dinner I want to have a game.  I'm thinking Valentine's Day bingo or something similar to an Easter egg hunt.

Once I have (hopefully!) gotten them a little worn out, I'm going to hand out popcorn and we're going to watch Despicable Me 2.  I'm thinking it's got enough romance for V-day and enough silly for the kids who are less romantically inclined (all of them? haha!)

I'm thinking about giving them something to look for during the movie, like jumping jacks each time a minion is on screen.  But I don't want things to get that crazy, so I might need to rethink that one! 

So any great Valentine's Day party activities for kids?  Obviously I'll be checking pinterest in the mean time. 


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun and very ambitious! Hopefully your family will return the favor so you can go out with your husband next ;)

    1. Actually we decided to make it a monthly thing. All the kids 2 and up go play one night so everyone else can go out! And my SIL also volunteered to take both my kids on the 13th so we could go to the temple. My husband has a super sweet family.

  2. What a cute idea! I love this! I may have to do a holiday party or something like this once I sah! I love those mini heart pizzas and the idea of having a fun activity during the movie.

    1. Thanks! I'm excited, I just hope the kids get into it too!


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