Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

One of the first things I ever bought Olivia (before she was even born) was an Easter dress from Old Navy.  But other than her yearly new dress, we haven't really celebrated Easter at our house.  I just knew she wouldn't care about an Easter basket and I didn't want her to have any candy before she turned 5 (obviously I caved).  This was the first year the Easter Bunny came to our house.  And since I have a phobia of masks, we may never visit the Easter Bunny like we do Santa.

Saturday Olivia and I were still in bed at 8:30 (Olivia had been up since 6:30), Axel was still sound asleep, and my friend texted me to see if we wanted to meet at the city Easter egg hunt.  I wasn't planning on it, and getting two kids ready so quickly seemed like an impossible task, but it was so nice out we gave it a shot.  We were actually early and got to play at the park a little bit before the hunt!

She was really happy, despite what this picture seems to convey!

Olivia was really amused with this mom and her DSLR. 
Okay I admit, so was I.  Her daughter could seriously not care less.

Later we went back to the park with Adam.  That is one thing about Axel quitting his morning nap that I actually like.  We have a little more time to do things during the day.

She thought it was so cool to wear dad's hat!

Axel hasn't done is mean face in a long time, I was happy to capture it on camera!
And this is our Easter Bunny haul:

The nice thing about having 1pm church is that there is a little time for pictures before (because after church the kids clothes are practically falling apart and they don't have any hair left) Being on time to church (instead of 15 min early) meant that we had to sit in the chairs instead of the pews and I spent all of sacrament meeting chasing Axel.  But these pics are worth it!
I guess if we were going for that 80's trend of looking off into the distance. . .

No sibling love here.

Axel got stood up.

Axel's face in this picture is my favorite thing ever.

Waiting to get off the rock.

Happy Easter everyone!! 


  1. Oh they are soooooo CUTE! Love their Easter outfits! We had so much fun putting Mia's basket together (all 4 items, ha ha) and egg hunts? Loved! This holiday is SO much fun with kids! The candy though... ugh. We did a pretty good job of convincing Mia that it's not something you eat... until Eric's family started shoving it down her throat. Ugh! But it was still soooooo much fun!

    1. Olivia was so excited about trick-or-treating for the first time that she didn't realize that we could actually EAT the candy! Score. But by the next year, she had figured it out. Bummer.

  2. Those photos of them on the big rock is just beautiful! Def. frame-worthy!

    1. Thank you so much Carrie! I was thinking that none of them were all that great because they aren't really looking at the camera. But I guess it just shows more of their real personalities! :)


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