Monday, April 28, 2014

My new fabric designs

I have had the dream of opening my own etsy shop since Olivia was born.  I've made a LOT of sample products, always creating my own patterns and I've finally come up with some products that I love.

I was forever searching fabrics, for hours at a time, trying to find cute knit prints for my jammies and leggings.  It was a lost cause.  In the end there was only one thing to do: Design my own.

Saturday I got the samples!!  I carried them every where.  It was like Christmas for me.  If you follow me on facebook and instagram you've already seen them, but indulge me. 

They are. . .  not cheap.  But I eventually decided that if I'm going to really do this, designing my own fabrics was the only way to go.
1. They absolutely fit my brand (except maybe those hearts, a little too rainbow)
2. No one else will have them.
3. They can never go out of stock.
4. I can order the same prints in different fabrics.  My jammies and leggings use knits, but I like a woven cotton for my tank dresses.  I can use the same navy star print and get it in both!

The navy stars are destined for baby boy jammies and tank dresses for the 4th of July (thanks to my friend Rachel for the patriotic idea!!)  The mint dots (well actually it turned out a little more green than mint, but I'm adjusting the color) will also be tank dresses and bloomers and the coral flower will be for girl jammies.  I'm currently using a metallic gold stripe for my leggings but I need some boy leggings and eventually I'll run out of metallic gold and so I'll need to design some new fabrics for leggings!  (I am bummed that I can't design a metallic fabric on spoonflower so I will still have to buy some of my fabrics from JoAnn)

Yep, this is happening.


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