Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Would You Do With. . . 1 Dozen Eggs????

It's April!  It's spring!  I love this time of year and remembering my sweet Olivia as a new born.  I honestly have very little memory of her as a baby, but I remember the spring when she was new.  New life. . . Easter. . . Easter eggs.

So we thought it would be fun to see what you (and I) would do with 1 dozen eggs.
I wanted to try the ideas from this pin and make some natural dyes.  But time got away from me and I found myself at the grocery store on Saturday before this post was due.  And so I turned to my usual PAAS coloring kit.

It. Was. So. Fun.

But first let's account for the dozen eggs.  1 got used for crepes on Sunday morning because we needed four eggs, and I only had three left in my carton.  So Adam stole from my blog project.  1 egg broke while boiling.  That left us with ten eggs to color.

After they were colored I ate a few with my lunches, and Olivia ate a few with her lunches.  Let me tell you the yummiest egg salad ever.  Mix one perfectly ripe avocado with one or two diced hard boiled eggs.  Spread on whole wheat toast.  Perfection.  I keep wanting to call it vegan egg salad, because no mayo, but then I remember that there are eggs in it.  So. . . not vegan.

Olivia is at a great stage in life where she really enjoyed this.  We put the tablets in the vinegar and the fizzed and she just thought it was so cool.  She was also pretty content to let her dad do the dying, which I'm sure will not be the case in future years so I was happy that it was fairly mess free!
Our cups of dye all set out.

The little brother.  So content now that he doesn't have an ear ache.

So excited to dye Easter eggs!

In her plastic craft apron.

1. My egg, I was going for a coral and it turned out more orange :(  2. My other egg, I wanted a light blue and bingo.  3. Yellow with stickers.

1. Adam's half and half egg, with stickers courtesy of O.  2. A solid green egg that we let soak for a loooong time.  3. A solid red egg.

1. Giving your child a white crayon on a white egg is one of those times you can feel like you know magic.  Olivia was so impressed with what happened when we dyed the egg she colored on!  2. Adam did this one too and I think it turned out beautifully!  Half green, half purple and they overlap in the middle.

1. Adam's idea to dye an egg in three different colors. (yellow, blue and purple I think) 2. Half purple, half blue.

Don't you wish that hard boiled eggs didn't need refrigeration?  Well, don't worry, this was just for a picture. I put them back in the fridge.
Funny story before we end.  As a kid I spent the night at my best friend's house, just down the street a lot.  One day I came home after eating breakfast with her family only to find out that my family had made hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  What!?!?!  With out me?  How rude.  I went on and on about how jealous I was.  When my dad asked me what I had for breakfast I said, "Only pancakes and bacon and hash browns." (or something equally yummy, I can't really remember) So yeah, I really like eggs.

And next month the theme is flowers.  Yep, just flowers.  Real, silk, paper, fabric. . . super general so you can make it what ever you want!!

We would love to have you link up ANY Easter egg posts, not just recent ones and not just specific What Would You Do posts.  


  1. i kind of wanted to dye eggs but didn't want the mess. i need to find some kids to blame the mess on:) you should try the baking in the oven for boiling. i hate when the eggs break when you boil. i'm going to have to do it again because i want to try your vegan egg salad. it sounds delicious.

    1. I've wanted to do hard baked eggs for a while now, but I never remember in time.

  2. Super cute. I miss decorating eggs. I can't wait for the next couple of years to pass so I can do it with my son!

    1. We decorated eggs with Olivia when she was a newborn, but it was definitely more fun this year!!


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