Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is what I find fun now

Today I finished my last big project for Oilo!  (I have two more crib sheets but those are super easy)  I have so much that I plan to do with my "free" time now.  "Free" because Olivia doesn't nap anymore and Axel only takes one, so . . . I'm pretty busy with kids.  But here are some things I'm excited about in the future!

-My own shop!  My fabric samples should be arriving any day from Spoonflower and I'm hopeful that they'll turn out like I imagine and I can get ordering and start working on new things for my own little company.

-Painting Olivia's room!  I'm planning to paint her room white and do a gold polka dot pattern on one wall (or maybe a hexagon???  I'm trying to decide how I would do that one)  Her bedroom is going to be blush and gold with a underlying ballet theme.  Not because I danced ballet (except that one year in second grade) but because of some art work I got from my great-grandma and my grandma. 
One of the pictures.  On the bottom is the note my grandma wrote on the back.  Ireta was her mother-in-law, my grandpa's mother.

-Finishing my hex shelves for my living room.

-Filling my gallery wall with actual art.  Currently I have 7 of 12 filled, the other five have IKEA printed all over them still. 

-Buy a couch!  Okay, that one is waiting more on funds than time, but we're close to saving up enough for the couch I want.  I just have to convince Adam.  He'll need to shop for about 6 months before making a decision so. . .

-Organize, organize, organize! Toys, clothes, old crap.  It's all going to the thrift store.  Nothing is safe. 


  1. You're amazing! I love when I get an itch or some time to organize and clean up my life! And because I love your style and trends...please save any clothes that you think might fit me...for me! And any cool decorations...I'll totally pay you for them ;)

    1. I'll save all the things for you!! But I don't know if my clothes will fit you. Maybe if I finally part with my too small for me clothes, those will probably fit you! :) I'll text you to see what size Paige is wearing these days.

  2. So excited for your fabrics!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see Olivia's room!

    1. Thanks friend! Designing fabrics to match what I see in my head is really hard.


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