Friday, April 11, 2014

Grocery shopping with two kids- a step-by-step guide

There were a LOT of things I was scared to do with two kids.  The other day I needed something at IKEA so I decided to make a day of it and get lunch as well.  Suddenly there I was eating lunch in public with my two kids totally alone (well, with out any adults to help) and totally chill about it!  I've come a long way.

But in the beginning it wasn't so, and the biggest fear was grocery shopping.  Because we need to eat!  And I don't want to waste my child free time by grocery shopping, so I wanted to do it with my kids.  I just wanted someone to tell me how they did it.  It seemed impossible.  Of course we just did it and figured it out along the way, and you can do that too.  Or you can read this post.

1. Park next to a shopping cart return.  It doesn't matter how far from the store you are, you need a cart to get you in.  Especially if your older child is a runner.

2. Hopefully there are carts in the cart return.  I've only had a problem finding carts like twice.  And you can sometimes wait around for someone to finish loading their groceries and offer to take the cart off their hands.

3. When your baby is a baby, keep them in their car seat and balance it on the back of the cart.  Some people say this is dangerous.  Do not push your cart really really fast and let go.  That might make it dangerous.  I am always right there, so I don't find it dangerous.  When your baby is older and can sit alone you can put them in the front seat and your older kid in the back.  Olivia thinks its so cool to sit in the back right now.

4. Have a list because you're never going to remember what you need when your kids are trying to sample the lemons.

5. Have a checker help you out to your car if you want.  I never do because I'm really stubborn.  But it doesn't really matter because your parked next to a cart return anyway.

6. If it's hot in the car, put the groceries away first.  If it's cold outside put the kids in the car first.  Always put their safety first.  Then the food.  Then quickly return the cart.

7. Unload the kids.  Get them a snack or put them to bed or put on a show.  Unload the groceries.

Now that I have two, shopping with one seems so easy.  When I have three, will shopping with two seem that way?  By the time I have three kids, Olivia will probably be in kindergarten.  But still, anyone have any tips for shopping with three kids?  ;)


  1. Oh, Kim, I SO remember those days! Your "how to" couldn't be more right on! Anyone who hasn't shopped with kids will have no clue but your tips are invaluable. And everyone probably has to learn their own way. I remember when those cart cover things first came out I thought it was brilliant and I wondered how I ever lived without them. Shopping carts are so gross but I never had one. When you have three kids, Olivia will be old enough to help, which will be a relief. Axel will be the hard one, and the infant will be easy. If two of them have a melt down, your shopping trip is over :). It just takes planning and patience. I shopped a lot with my kids because it was something we could do during their awake hours. Nap time was sacred and I always tried to be home. I remember being so stressed about flying with kids... but that's for another post!

    1. Thanks Aunt Tricia!! Nap time IS sacred. It makes the world of difference when my kids get their naps in their beds.

  2. So cute! My mom used to take all THREE of us to the grocery store. I have no idea how she did it!
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    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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