Monday, November 25, 2013

Public Service Announcements

A picture from Thanksgiving 2008, because I had no kids and I looked so rested.  I'm in the back left corner, in case you couldn't recognize me.
 Happy Thanksgiving week!  We are in California for Thanksgiving this year.  This is the first time that Adam has gotten to celebrate with my family in Lancaster (usually they come up to Salt Lake or it's his family's turn).  I haven't had Thanksgiving in my own house in over 6 years!  (I'm trying to remember if the year my brother came home from his mission we had Thanksgiving at my grandma's or at my mom's.  That was in 2007!)  In any case, I am so excited to be here since we probably wont be coming down during Christmas.

Today I wanted to tell you some things I think you need to know:

In case you need to bring something to dinner on Thursday here are five of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Did you know that pumpkin butter can be made in the crockpot?  Just whip up this recipe and cook it on low for 5-6 hours, stirring every hour or so to keep it from burning.

Speaking of pumpkin butter, I saw this on a talk show cooking segment.  They spread a pumpkin mixture (pumpkin, sugar and spices) onto Pillsbury crescent roll dough and rolled it up like cinnamon rolls (instead of pulling the crescent rolls apart, you kind of push to seal the perforations), cut them into circles and then baked them for a little pumpkin Thanksgiving treat.  How much better would that be with pumpkin butter that has been cooking all day! (such a deeper flavor!)

In case you don't follow me on twitter, you should know that this is the cutest boy outfit I have ever seen.  I'm telling you this only now that I bought Axel's because I would not want them to sell out before I got my hands on one!

Also, if you're picky about candles like I am (I do not like anything that smells like baking (like cookies or cake or whatever) or vanilla) THIS is the candle for you.  I had it lit all morning on Friday and when I went grocery shopping I put it out (duh) and when we came home our house STILL smelled so Christmasy and not at all like paint! 

You may have noticed that I kinda stopped doing the 30x30 challenge.  We moved, I can't find my camera (too many boxes got labeled "misc." at the end there) I was spending so much time painting that I obviously wasn't in my cute clothes, I got sick, my clothes got stuck in the laundry room for 36 hours. . . etc.  BUT I still wanted to participate in the giveaway they do at the end, so check back tomorrow for a little shopping money!!!  And I wont tell anyone if you want to spend it on yourself :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. That baby boy outfit really is so cute...and only $10!!!

    Have a great time in California!

    1. Oh man! It was 18 when I bought it :(


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