Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The post I stole from my brother

I say it all the time, my brother Rob is freaking hilarious.  He used to be in an improv group and even though I never got to go to one of his shows, he makes me laugh with almost everything he says so I know he was awesome at it.

I asked him to write a guest post a while ago but he never responded to my email, so I'll take that as a solid NO.  But he did comment on some pictures I posted of Axel, so I'm going to steal his commentary and post it here.

That was way to much build up for one joke.

This is why Rob hates it when I tell people he's funny.

All together now: "How funny is he?"  (do you remember that episode of Full House?)

And so I present to you, The Five Stages of Swing Pooping.







  1. How adorable! Love all the different emotions!

  2. Ok I'm sorry I never responded to your email. I'm bad like that, but it wasn't a NO. I guess I wasn't immediately sure what I could post that would fit into your interior design/cooking theme here. And thank you for your effusive praise regarding my sense of humor! Of course, I'm going to insist that I am not quite that funny, but I guess I can't argue with the audience :) I'm glad you liked my facebook comment enough to evolve it into a blog post. You've got quite the expressive kid there. I wouldn't doubt he'll be funnier than me someday. And I may have a blog post for you, if you're interested in posting a 1400 word treatise on the worrisome aspects of the meaningless echo chamber that any discussions on Global Warming have become. Not exactly Decor related, but still an important message to get out there. Oh and I'll see you guys tomorrow! I'm excited!

    1. Geeee!! Sooo excited to see you too Rob.


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