Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What would you do with. . . $20 at Target?

This is not a sponsored post, but dang I wish it was. If you know how I could set that up, seriously let me know. 

The second Wednesday of the month means it's. . . 
Aubrey and I are both spending $20 at Target!

Adam, I had to spend $20 at Target. It was for a blog post.

Best topic. Ever.

You know, we're moving and what not. Yadda yadda, I was going to wait until we were settled and buy something for my house but our moving date kept getting pushed further and further back. Then I thought about shopping for Christmas but I couldn't post about it before Dec 25th, so that was out. 

Enter Friday night.

Friday nights usually go something like this: Dinner at 5:30. What do you want to do now? We could go to Target (once I said, we could go to the mall, or go to Target.  Adam said, why would we go to the mall? Gosh I love him).  Okay, let's go to Target.

So I find myself shopping at Target most Friday nights with my three favorite people.  I lead a good life.  And last Friday, there they were.  The tank tops I dream about.

Let me explain.  No there is too much, let me sum up.  I bought a Mossimo tank many many years ago.  I loved it. It got a hole (do all of your shirts get holes in them from your jeans buttons?  I hate it!) so I ordered what I thought was the same tank on their website. WRONG.  It was a ribbed fabric, and it had a much more casual look.  You do not understand my excitement when I saw the original tank at Target on Friday. (You can find the dream tank here.  I got the black textured one. Next I want this one.)

Then I had to decide what to get with my remaining ten dollars. 

I wanted to get Olivia a new dress to wear to church because. .  . we're going to a new ward (LDS congregation) this Sunday and I wanted her to look cute. So sue me.  Let's just say, I'm going to have to go back when I'm not limited to 20! Circo had some darling gold and silver tulle skirts for $14 (click here). 

Everything I wanted to get here was 12 or 14, I was starting to lose hope. UNTIL.  These leggings.  I die. I let Olivia choose between the polka dot and the green with stars, but I probably emphasized the "stars!" when I said it so you know, she was manipulated.  I did really love the polka dots though.

So we have 10 for the tank, 8 for the leggings. Add tax and the grand total is 19.23!  Which technically means I win because I know Aubrey went over, but hey. We're shopping at TARGET, everyone wins.

I'm also going back to buy a sweater I saw there because one of my #fall30x30 sweaters from H&M looked like, in Adam's words, a big blanket. Not cute.

I cannot wait to see what Aubrey bought!

(If you want to join us, next month is What Would You do With . . . a box of candy canes!)


  1. Oh gosh. $20 at Target? Aztec leggings, a new Essie polish?? Or a few new sports bras (I love theirs). OR, clothes for the kids. Yes, it is endless what I could buy there!!

    1. I need their polka dot leggings SO BAD.

  2. you definitely won, but i am still pretty stoked about what i got for my nearly $20. i've never worn those tanks, but i might need to check it out once 30x30 is over.

    1. You're so good to wait for them to go on sale! I freak out that they're going to sell out and buy them in my panic :)

  3. You guys have some really creative ideas for WWYDW, the things you are working with and the things you've done! I'm loving it! P.S. I MAY have to check out those tanks!

    1. Thanks! So far I have to give all the credit to Aubrey for coming up with the ideas!!


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