Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do you want to watch the Bachelor with me? Week 2

It's Bachelor time again already?!?!?  I guess that's what I get for doing my post last week four days late!  Ha!!

Teaming up with Aubrey and Ashley.  You know the drill.  Also!  Did you know we were doing a link up?  If you like to blog about the bachelor link your post because the only thing I like more than blogging it, is reading other blogs about it!! 

I was worried that when Kylie and Lauren went home last week that we would be losing the crazy.  Just watching the intro it is clear that other girls were more than willing to step up.

One on one with Clare
Juan Pablo seems to be taking Clare to a Christmas tree farm. I hope they re-enact the opening scene from Christmas Vacation. 

"You taste like snow"  So. . . water? 

Usually the date takes them to a live concert and then a hot tub.  Tonight they went in reverse, which made me feel cold.  I had to get a blanket just to watch it.

One on one with Kat
It's a jet, also known as "The Bachelor Special".

Eeee!!!  Salt Lake City!  Thanksgiving Point is like 10 minutes away from my house.  So, cool.

Running a crazy 5k with glow in the dark clothes would certainly be a memory, but probably not the best get to know you date.

Group Date
What is it about a group date that causes the girls to scream at random every few minutes?

Photo shoot for a good cause?  I've seen this episode before.

Next season I want the blue beard guy to be the bachelor.

Holy dogs!  I hope the girl who is the official "dog lover" made it on to this date.

Someone put makeup on Renee and. . . no.  She's soooo pretty with out it.  I'm not buying it.

I think Andi should just walk away from the photo shoot.  I know I would respect a girl way more for not getting naked.  But then, I am a little bit of a feminist

Victoria wants to leave but they wont let her leave with out shoes.  Lucy could have gotten away with it.

Kelly gets the rose and she deserves it for the crazy bald dog costume she had to wear.  I don't think she'll be around for too much longer, but she was a good sport about that paint.

Victoria totally acted mature like someone ready to be a step-mom.  #psych

Cocktail Party
Amy loved the way her name rolled off his lips.  All one syllable of it.

Sharleen says she was ungracious when she was given the rose.  I think she read my blog post on Friday!!

I think the stems on these roses are three feet long. 

Girls keep getting roses and I swear I've never seen them before.

Ladies, Juan Pablo, this is the final rose tonight.  When you're ready.  (I typed this before Harrison even said it, because I like to feel psychic)

Picking my top four was hard.  I mean, he probably couldn't pick his top four this early on!  That being said, I bit the bullet and picked.

My top 4

*Adam also picked Niki and he prides himself on always picking the winner. **

**I think he picked the winner once.

Link your bachelor post and check out what Aubrey and Ashley have to say!


  1. Those rose stems are crazy! I was thinking about that last night! Amy was a little odd. Wasn't suprised to see her go home. I wouldn't have done the photo shoot either. There are other ways you can get someone to adopt an animal. I'm over the whole photo shoot group date. They have one EVERY season. Not sure how I feel about Cassandra. I like Renee. I love Andi. Nikki is cool too.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Yeah I had a hard time picking my fourth girl. I just picked her because she's a mom, but that could be the reason he sends her home sooner, because he wont keep someone away from their child if he doesn't think there is a chance. And the other three are probably more MY favorite than his favorite! We'll see :)

  2. Why do they always have live, private concerts? I haven't understood that yet. Is that like every girl's dream date?! I thought the same thing about the 5k date though, how is this one on one? The girls in the group date got more personal time with him than she did! I love how Sharleen was ungracious again, I couldn't decide if she was joking or if she was really just being like that. I don't really like her, she looks so grumpy! And for once, I'd like to see what would happen if the bachelor/bachelorette jumped the gun on the last rose before Chris could walk into the room for a few minutes. Why doesn't he just stay there?!

    1. Seriously ABC, what kind of kick back are you getting from these artists that we've never heard of that perform in these "private concerts"? I have been wondering that about Harrison forever?!?!? Why can't he just stay in the room during the rose ceremony?

  3. I like your post a lot more than mine. I feel like I was just rambling on and on. I need some better organization next week. My fears about not loving Juan Pablo are coming true. Not my fave, but I do really like some of the girls.

    1. I have to delete a lot of rambles from my posts every week. I really struggle to stay on topic :) And YES, I like a lot of the girls more than I like JP.

  4. Okay I'm feeling really good about your top 4. Though I could see Sharleen sticking around for awhile too. And after this episode, I wish Andi would just leave him. She deserves better!

    1. Oh yeah she totally deserves better. And I had Sharleen on the list! But that was five so I had to choose to delete her or Cassandra. I might have chosen wrong!


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