Monday, January 27, 2014

My wedding wasn't as glamourous as the bachelor wedding, but close

Sean and Catherine got married!!!  I needed a post for today and I was saving this funny story for my next anniversary, but I'm sure I'll come up with something else by then.

I got married the Saturday before Thanksgiving and we did everything in one day.  Which means we drove over one hour to the LA temple, drove back to Lancaster for a bridal photo shoot and the reception and then BACK to LA to catch a flight to Fiji.  Plus we did my reception ourselves so there was a lot of work for my family do to that day.  What happened really wasn't anyone's fault, just an over sight. 
I picked this picture because you can see my whole dress.
After the wedding ceremony, Adam and I went our separate ways to change into our wedding attire (brides don't have to wear a fancy wedding dress in the temple, they CAN, but I chose to wear a plain white dress for the ceremony just to make it easier) before walking out of the temple.  A temple attendant brought me a grocery sack with Adam's few belongings so he didn't have to carry them out with him.  I put them in my bag and we went out.

We took all the family pictures that people take and then my family had to leave so my mom could do some work on the reception.  I wanted some bridal pictures on the temple grounds so my sisters stayed behind with Adam and I and our photographer. 

Adam was ready to go.  He was dressed in a suit and all of his personal affects were in my bag.  But there was no way I was driving an hour home in my huge dress, plus all my stuff was still inside so I went back into the temple to change and gather my things.  Alone.

My mom had left, my sisters weren't old enough to have temple recommends (the pass that allows you to go inside an LDS temple) and my photographer had her recommend but was wearing casual clothes (not suitable to go into the temple) so I was left to get out of my dress by myself and gather all of my things alone.

When I went back to my dressing room locker one of the temple workers came and chewed me out for my phone going off.  "Sister!  We had to dig through your bag and find your cell phone.  It rang THREE times!  And it was a very raucous tone!"  I was stunned.  I was sure that I had remembered to turn off my phone.  The temple is a very reverent place and they require that phones are turned off when inside the temple walls. 

I went into the the main dressing area to change.  In the bridal dressing room there was another bride getting ready to exit the temple.  She was Hispanic and all her relatives were chatting in Spanish and helping her fix her hair and zip her dress.  One of them asked me sweetly if I needed any help, but my pride wouldn't let me say yes and I got out of my dress alone.
This isn't the LA Temple bridal dressing room, but you get the idea.

As if I hadn't been through enough, I guess I tried to exit through the entrance and I got in trouble redirected by the man at the front desk.

The lesson here is: Never yell at someone on their wedding day!!

Also, remind your soon to be husband to TURN OFF HIS PHONE.  Yep, it wasn't my phone going off, it was his.  And who was calling him?  His mom. 

It's no Bachelor wedding, but compare our marriages in ten years and I bet we're looking pretty darn similar. 


  1. Oh my goodness I would've been SOBBING! You're so tough. Glad it all worked out though <3

    1. Thanks! Yeah at the end of the day being married is what matters. But still I want a redo!!

  2. You are so pretty in your dress! I would have died over the phone incident! Haha, too funny it was your husband's phone AND your MIL!

    1. Right? Like hey what are you up to?
      I guess she wanted to know if we were on the road yeti something. Who can remember.

  3. I found you on my sister's site (Life of Bon .com) We did our wedding kind of the same way---too much---Started in Price, drove two hours to Manti, drove back two hours to Price for reception, then drove back to Provo (90 minutes). Majority of our wedding guests had to travel six hours that day which was way too much! Unfortunately, we don't get a do over.

    We didn't go anywhere nearly as exciting as Fiji.

    I think I'm following your blog---although I knew at all of this. Take care.

    Becky Blackburn at

    1. My cousin just got married in Manti earlier this month! It was a lot of driving, but it was the first day I've ever spent away from my 1 year old and it was nice to not have him in the car, so I didn't mind!

  4. I can just IMAGINE that sister commenting over the phone's raucous tone. laughing so hard.


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