Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor with me? Week 3

Woot woot, it's the Bachelor.  Aubrey, Ashley and and I writing all about it again!

Chris Harrison is trying to be cool with this new look but, if you're going to change something up Chris, why not change up the script? 

Cassandra 1x1
I hope Juan Pab's car turns into a boat, transformer style.  SHUT UP, it did.  I thought these things were only in cartoons.

(Back at the house Elise tells Renee how her mom is the reason she's here and that it's destiny and Renee hugs her and thinks "Oh that is so sweet, but I don't really care because I'm not going down with out a fight so. . . ")

Cassandra hasn't had a first date since she was 18.  She mentioned it like ten or eleventy times. 

Juan Pab: What I like about Cassandra is she's a mom, she's a great mom, she's a good mom, she's a female mom, she's a woman mom. . . SO MANY CHARACTERISTICS!!!

Group date
I zone out during the soccer game part.  Because I don't like watching professional sports all that much, and I certainly don't like watching girls play when they have no idea what they're doing.

When ever someone sprays champagne I cringe a little.  Isn't that making everything all sticky???

Nikki says to the camera: I want the rose, but there's other girls that want the rose too.  (Wow, someone has been watching past seasons!!)

The girls see Juan Pablo kiss Sharleen and they freak out.  WHAT!!!!  Juan Pablo is kissing other girls?!?!?!  This is MADNESS.

And Adam was right, Nikki get's the rose, even with out making out.  Adam says he is wise beyond his years.  Ooooo kay Adam, you can think that. 

Chelsie 1x1
Elise keeps talking about how young Chelsie is, and yet she's the one gossiping like a 6th grader so. . . 

Elise thinks some girls are just YOUNG.  And I think some girls are just ANNOYING.

Jumping off a bridge has nothing to do with trusting Juan Pablo.  Did he build it?  Did he make the harness?  The rope???  No.

And I skipped over the "private concert" because ABC has reached their limit and I no longer acknowledge them. 

Breakfast/pool party
All I want to know is if ABC will be posting the recipe on their website.  Because that looks goooooood.

The curse of the first date has definitely hit Clare.

Renee is the sweetest.  She helps everyone. I want to be friends with her and I wouldn't say that about many of the girls on the Bachelor.  This just in, her tweets are protected.  This makes me like her even more, but why can't I follow you?????  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Rose Ceremony
I just want Elise to go home and then I will be content with this week's episode.

So Kelly is still bringing the dog to the rose ceremonies? 

The resident nudist goes home and so does some blonde girl I don't know.  They take a moment and say their goodbyes. #ThingsChrisHarrisonSays

Lots of drama this week!  I can't wait to read what Aubrey and Ashley have to say about it.  I love love love reading posts about the bachelor, so link yours up so I can read it toooooo!


  1. Elise has got to go!
    Seriously, what was with Chris Harrison's shirt?!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Ug yes! Girls need to learn that hating on the other girls is like the kiss of death on this show.

  2. we had a lot of the same things to say this week. great minds... some people on twitter liked chris harrison's shirt, but i thought it was awful.

    1. Yes that shirt was BAD. I'm guessing it's one from his new clothing line.


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