Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What would you do with. . . a bag of carrots!

You guys, this month was my pick.  I obviously am less good at ideas than Aubrey.  Sorry about that.  Speaking of Aubrey being awesome, she came up with the idea to do a fashion post next month.  What would you do with your favorite Target cardigan?  Join us!!!  If you don't have a cardigan from Target, that's okay.  We're just obsessed.  You can style a cardigan from anywhere!

Soooooo.  I've had my family here and it has been so fun. They are going home a day early, so clearly they don't agree (haha, jk) but it's been so easy to unplug from social media (mostly)  I didn't even have to try, which is a miracle.  It's just that I don't do alone very well, and when I'm home with kids twitter and blogs are my only social outlet!  Well this was a fun tanget.

What I'm trying to say is it's been hard to sit down and blog, so it's late on Tuesday and I just saw Catching Fire and I've got to post about carrots (my bad).  So you see how this seems trivial. 

I thought carrots would be fun because we're all trying to eat healthier because of the new year or because we're just super sick of chocolate (tell me how to accomplish that PLEASE) and we crave good foods for our body.  Plus carrots are great hearty vegetables for the winter. 

I decided to make a carrot soup bisque while my family was here.  They're vegetarian (what?  Have I not mentioned that before?  I kid) and my mom actually point out the recipe to me a couple of months ago.  It was good, but it could have been better.  First of all, I should never make food with cayenne pepper because I'm way to liberal with seasoning and it ended up a little on the hot side.  Secondly I would add way less banana because it turned out tasting a little bit like a smoothie.  I don't get it!  All the reviews were super good on this recipe.  I tried roasting the carrots a bit before making the soup but I didn't get much browning before I started running out of time. 

What I wish I would have done is roast the carrots in olive oil, salt and pepper.  That is one of my favorite ways to eat carrots.  Try it. 

Also, I really want to try using carrot puree as a pasta sauce.  I'm still going to.  Of course I'll post it, you don't even have to ask!  :) 

Now check out what Aubrey did, because this post is a hot mess. 


  1. i need to check out that soup. I want to eat soup everyday in the winter since it's so cold. It took me forever to figure out what to do with carrots, but once i did i have a zillion more things i want to make. And no, my ideas aren't better. It was just bad timing for you. Glad you had a good time with family.

    1. It was a vegan recipe, but I'm thinking it would be better with some cream cheese. I love soups with cream cheese :)

  2. Hmm, I would possibly try a carrot bisque. I am excited to see what you do next month with the Target cardis... I don't own a Target cardi, but everyone always raves about them. My cardi's are all from ON except for one that is from Loft.

    1. All of my clothes used to be from ON. It's too hard to shop there with babies though. Target is more family friendly :)


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