Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor with me? Week 4

Happy Tuesday!  Did everyone catch the wedding on Sunday?  So beautiful and definitely "grown sexy".  I honestly spent too much time pondering what that could mean, and I finally decided that she meant "sophisticated and sexy" because that's what her wedding looked like to me.  This would be opposed to "trashy sexy" like a strip club.

Here's to hoping that this season will also result in a gorgeous grown sexy wedding.  Probably not, but it's still fun to watch. (And even more fun to read what Aubrey and Ashely have written!)

Random girl: Korea?  I don't even have a kimono!
Me: Bummer!  You can't go.  Kimonos are required. 

As Juan Pablo talks about loving new food and new travel, he's shaking his head "no".  And then he says he can't wait for the girls to get here and he's still shaking his head "no".  Maybe that means something different in South America?

Group Date
Andi says she's hoping she's on the one on one date, which honestly is a shock to me.  Most girls just dream about the group dates, because they're all here to make friends.

Nikki doesn't like to share.  My daughter like to share either.  Nikki can come over and they can learn together.

How many Rock Stars did Kat drink during the van ride???

Oh shoot.  Juan Pablo and I have the same pants.  Who am I embarrassed for, him or me?  (him)  And now that I look at him closer, I think I have that same jacket too.  I'll have to do a fashion post inspired by JP.  Who knew?

You can tell how famous they are because they're performing at a mall??  I've been in fashion shows at a mall, but I'm guessing you've never heard of me.

Nikki says she feels good about meeting Camilla PLUS she's a great diaper changer.  If JP's FOUR YEAR OLD DAUGHTER is still in diapers, he has bigger problems than finding a wife.

Elise says Nikki is negative.  ELISE says that.  ELISE

Sharleen 1x1
JP says right out that Sharleen is his favorite, which kinda makes me think that she wont be the last one standing, or they would have edited that out.

Sharleen is starting to be fun!!!  I'm actually starting to like her.  And is it just me, or does Korea make her hair look awesome?!?!?

Sharleen gets a rose and I'm surprised I haven't written more comments.  I will for sure make up for it with the remaining dates.

Group Date #2
Clare says she didn't know what the building was because she "couldn't read Korean", so I'm wondering if she can now.

I suddenly have a huge craving for octopus and I'm not totally sure if I've even had it before.

Every time I see Kelly talk I want to know if she's getting enough sleep, because she looks like she's about to doze off.

The most I've ever loved Kelly is when she and Andi roll play Clare and Juan P. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Here goes Clare saying the same things about her dad again.  Maybe she doesn't remember having this conversation with him once already.

Nikki tells Clare, "You're not handing out the roses" and that is the best come back I have maybe ever heard on this show.

Do the producers tell the girls who have roses, "hold them just under your chin like a creepy four-year-old"?

Roses go to:
Lawyer Andi
Opera Singer
Nurse Nikki
Mama Renee
Young Chelsie
Dog Lover Kelly
Curly Hair Danielle
NBA Dancer Cassandra
Allison (I'm not sure I know anything about her)
Clare with no I
Rock Star Kat

Going home:
Lauren S
Elise, who is much older and wiser than Chelsie

Elise calls the girls negative.  I can't wait for her to watch this back. 
Lauren says she feels like she's ready for love.  Too bad the show isn't called "Are you ready for love?" 

And that's a wrap!  Time to finish cleaning the kitchen and go to bed.  I need sleep because I'm not kidding when I say I'm going to check Ashley and Aubrey's blogs first thing in the morning.


  1. who wore it better...definitely kimberly. i can't believe i didn't comment on the role play with andi and kelly because it was my fave part of the night. i can't figure out who will be the last one standing because right now i'm thinking none of them...so maybe allison.

    1. Ha ha thank you! Adam thinks the final two will be Nikki and Clare but I've seen the show enough to know they'll take each other out long before the end.

  2. Okay...GROWN SEXY? I wonder if she realizes how dumb that sounded. Just say sophisticated. Elegant. ugh.

    1. You make me laugh so freaking hard.

  3. I love this post. All of it! Literally had me laughing out loud!


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