Friday, January 17, 2014

The Babysitter

The holidays are over and it is time that I get back to work.  I started sewing for my sister-in-law's company back in October but thanks to moving, unpacking, getting sick, Christmas and having family visit I don't think they would really consider me an employee.  Oops.  :) 

Sewing is hard work because I get paid what the bigger sewing rooms charge (since that is what they base their prices on, they need to be consistent), and they have equipment and space that I just don't have.  And time, I don't have large chunks of time.  Ideally I would pick a few items and learn to be really fast at those so I can make the most money possible.  But so far I've just been helping them with what ever items they are in need of RIGHT NOW.  Which is fine, now I know that making 30 changing pad toppers isn't going to be very profitable. 

Honestly at one point I wanted to just give up.  This isn't going to work.  But then I decided I've got to give it a real shot, you know?  If I try for a few months and only make a few bucks?  Buy myself a new outfit and move on. 

To help with the time issue, I hired a babysitter.  The day before she started I was so anxious.  I kept forgetting why I was having anxiety attacks, but then I would remember how worried I was that Axel would freak out and my plan wouldn't work.  My son has a serious case of separation anxiety.  As in, he doesn't even like me to leave the room. 

On day one he played happily for 30 minutes (they play upstairs, I work downstairs) and then started screaming.  I went up and got him, gave him a cracker in his high chair and finished my hour of work. 

On day two I hoped for at least 40 minutes, thinking we could extend it slowly over a few weeks.  He was happy for the whole hour!  I was thrilled.  It helps, I think, that he is in his own house with his sister.  That makes it a little less scary.  Also our babysitter is awesome.  She's 12, lives down the street and brings toys for the kids to play with.  Someone else's toys are always better than your own! 

As far as my work during that time, I work so hard and I get distracted way less than if I was working during nap time.  I know that my work time is precious since I'm paying for it.  It's like a switch flips in my brain and I can really buckle down and get it done. 

Do you work from home? How do you stay motivated?  I love my three hours of work time, but I need to put in a few hours at night too if I'm going to make it worth it. 


  1. I don't officially work from home, but I'm a twice-self-published author. The older my kids get the harder and harder it gets to find time to work (we homeschool too, so may days area filled!) Recently I've set aside one hour every night after the kids are in bed to work, and I'm already amazed how much I've managed to get done! The key for me is cut out all distractions: no internet, no iphone and no tv! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! It's hard but hopefully I'll get better at it as time goes on!


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