Monday, July 29, 2013

A bunch of random updates

I don't usually write my posts the night before.  When I find myself needing to do that, I panic and I can't think of a single thing to write!  So yeah, that's what's going on right now.  I have like 33 drafts I could finish up and post, but none of those topics are speaking to me right now.  I'm taking a line from Finding Forrester (Love that movie, now I want to watch it) and writing until it starts to flow.

Sewing.  I've been doing a lot of that lately, trying to get my etsy shop up and running.  I have too many design ideas and perhaps I should narrow it down and focus on a few things in different colors to begin.  So far I have made a pair of bloomers, two toddler pencil skirts, a toddler ruffle skirt (and another one in process), a darling (if I do say so myself) throw pillow case and a half of a quilt top (not for the shop).  The throw pillow is gray and cream dots with a cream heart on the middle.  I will be giving it away on my blog as a grand opening celebration, so stay tuned.

Would you like to see some horrible cell phone shots?  Obviously I will be doing a photo shoot for real when I post them on etsy but this was just for fun.

This picture is so funny looking.  It looks like a weird shaped adult more than a toddler.

These look so cute from the back, but they didn't fit very well from the front.  And no, that isn't Axel in the bottom left corner.  It's our doll, Emily.

Oh!  July is almost over.  I've nearly been a vegetarian for a month.  Let's see. . . cheats?  July 1st we were driving home from our CA trip and I had some seriously awful chicken strips.  I got flustered when they didn't have what I wanted (chicken, rice and veggies in a bowl) and ordered something blah.  And then I had a hot dog during Draper Days, because I love fair food.  And then today I ate some breakfast casserole at my nephew's blessing brunch.  1/3 of the casserole didn't have meat but none of us could find that third.  Maybe the meat melted in the oven and spread out into all of it.  Probably that's what happened.

I don't mind being vegetarian.  It's kinda fun to be the exception.  My sis-in-law didn't have to be the only one who needed the meat free breakfast casserole (she does eat some meat, but not red meat and maybe not pork?)  So I don't know, I just wanted to try it.  I found so many fun vegetarian recipes and this will probably help me continue to lower my meat consumption.

August!  I read this post today by my blogger friend Shannon and it was like HELLO!  Perfect timing.  In August I start my goal to read religious texts daily.  I've been doing a little reading in the scriptures or the Ensign (LDS Church magazine) before bed some nights, but since I've been waking up before the babes, I'm thinking that will be the perfect time to start a new habit.

So there you go, a blog post from out of the air. 

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