Monday, October 28, 2013

Ch ch ch changes

The leaves aren't the only things changin' around here.

Do you think of awkward preteen middle schoolers when you hear that word?  I do.  Probably because of that one episode of Brady Bunch where Peter's voice starts to change and they sing a song about "time to change".  Ew.

It's fall now, and we're about to move so I feel like there is a lot of change going on. And I often start hyperventilating when we have big changes like that and repeat to Adam over and over "I don't like change!"

I know.  I know.  I hate this apartment.  I should be glad to leave it.  And I aaaam, but. . . I know what to expect here. I know where to grocery shop, I know a few people at church, I know our upstairs neighbors have kids that scream at 2am almost every night.  Stuff like that I can count on.

Then I realized, the flip side scares me too.  I'm a little scared that we're going to be in our house for probably five years.  What if I don't like it and I can't just change it?  What if our neighbor is weird or I don't make any friends?  In college I moved almost every year, since I've been married we've moved four times.  When I don't like my calling in our ward (an assignment LDS members are asked to fulfill for anywhere from 1-5 years) I don't stress because I know soon enough we'll just move. 

So I guess I do like change.  And I don't like it.  I JUST WANT MY WAY ALL THE TIME.

Just keeping it real here on the bliggity blog.


  1. I mostly don't like change, but I guess sometimes I do. I'm excited for this change for you, but it can definitely be scary sometimes.

    1. Thanks! I'm like 75% excited, 25% freaking out.

  2. Girl, I am the SAME WAY! I crave change but at the same thing I just want things to work out MY WAY ha ha! But everything is going to work out! You'll figure out your routine, you'll make good friends and you will LOVE your life!

    1. Thanks!! I'm trying to remember how much fun it will be when the dust settles :)

  3. Unfortunately you take after me!


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