Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage Post: Cannibalism

Here is a golden nugget from a past blogging life.  Not very well written, which I think shows how much I've improved just by writing on a regular basis, so that's cool.  But it is a really funny story and has a certain "Halloween" feel to it.  Enjoy.

Pregnant Barbie, Halloween 2010

January 2011

Today I was eating my lunch next to the preschool, like I do every other day (usually). A mom and her son came looking for Gerry, the lady I work with and was eating lunch with. While the mom was asking Gerry about bringing a dog in for show and tell, the little boy was staring at me eating my lunch. When I pulled out my string cheese he didn't miss a beat. "Can I have a small piece?" What the??? I don't think small children should be accepting food from strangers, let alone ASKING for it. I said no, because I need food to feed the baby in my belly. He looked at my stomach in fear and said, "How did you get a baby in there? Did you eat it or swallow it?" Ha ha ha!! That's what happened to the last kid who asked for a piece of my string cheese! (Dang I wish I would have thought of that line earlier!) 

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