Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What would you do with. . . a can of pumpkin

I'm so excited about my new collaboration with my Bach-cappin' buddy Aubrey.  We were sad when The Bachelorette ended and we didn't get to write posts together, so Aubrey came up with the genius idea of What Would You Do Wednesday.  The second Wednesday of every month we're going to show you what we would do with a different ingredient or craft item.  Feel free to join in if you want!  November's item is going to be "$20 at Target".  Can't wait to use that as a excuse to do even more shopping at my favorite store. 

This month we decided to go with a fall theme and ask, What would you do with a can of pumpkin?

What wouldn't I do with a can of pumpkin??

I have added it to pancake mix, for a dense yummy breakfast option.
I have added it to oatmeal with some brown sugar and cinnamon.
Mixed it with a spice cake mix and chocolate chips.
I have made pumpkin butter.
Pumpkin soup.
Pumpkin french toast.
I feed it to Axel when I don't have any baby food on hand.
And of course there is the traditional, pumpkin pie.

I have done all those things.  But I wanted to use this as an excuse to try something new.  My holiday pinterest board is full of yummy dessert ideas that I never make because I don't make dessert.  I pin them thinking I'll bring them to parties and then I forget until the last minute and end up with a pack of store bought cookies.

All that will change now.  I tried something I have been wanting to try for a looooong time.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

 It was like cheese cake, with a hint of fall.  I chose a recipe with a gingersnap crust and I think that was wise.  I feel like the chocolate crust would have overpowered the faint taste of pumpkin, because really there isn't a TON in this recipe.

To make this a whole meal (dinner and dessert) and because I had a lot of pumpkin left over (I like to buy the 29 oz cans) I decided to try a pumpkin pasta sauce as well. So I did a quick google search and used the first one that popped up: Penne with creamy pumpkin sauce.  As this was cooking I yelled over to my mom and husband, "This is the best thing I have ever made." It was.  At this point I realized the recipe was Martha Stewart.  Of course it was.

I didn't take a picture.  We scarfed it down.  Amazing. 
Find the recipe here.

So, what would you do with a can of pumpkin?  Check out Aubrey's answer here!  And join us for What would you do with $20 at Target in November!  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with :)  If a lot of people start joining in, we might even make it a link up.  So fun!

(PS, you really have to try that pumpkin butter I linked to up there.   It is amazing)


  1. I don't usually eat pasta, but that sounds soooo good! I want pumpkin right now.

    1. Next time I'm going to see if I can trade milk for the half an half without compromising taste. I might make this again next week!

  2. Um, amazing!! I saw some pre-made at the store last night and was so tempted. But now I definitely need to make it.

    1. Yes try it and tell me how you like it!

  3. When I hear a can of pumpkin all I can think of is pumpkin choc chip cookies and bread :)

    1. I wish you lived by me so I could benefit from your love of baking! (And for like 100 other reasons too, duh)

  4. Kim - In the cheesecake did you use the bourbon? I think I'll omit it. I never know how to cook with alcohol :). Plus, I'd have to buy it! I think I'm going to make the minis. I liked the comment on the recipe about just the right crust to cheesecake ratio.

    I'm also going to try the pasta. Did you use fresh Rosemary? It's probably best. And I guess I'll have to go buy half & half :). I'll let you know how it goes!

    1. I was lazy and didn't go into the changes I made, but I used rum extract instead of bourbon and couldn't even taste it, so I think you're fine to leave it out. I didn't use fresh rosemary because I'm too cheap for fresh herbs (most of the time), and it was still so good with dried rosemary but I can imagine it would be even better with fresh!

  5. P.S. I have some recipes I love that I make all fall. Pumpkin stuff is one my favorites! I'd be happy to share if you want some! I'm making a pumpkin cake today!


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