Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween playlist

Last Halloween Olivia was a lady bug, but for the cousin party on Sunday night I put in something a little cooler (that lady bug costume is GREAT for keeping babies warm!) and she wore my little German dress.

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but it's up there.  And I think it's no secret that (musically anyway) I belong in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  I've always wanted to put together a play list of my favorite Halloween-ish songs from my oldies collection.  So I finally did and I thought it would be fun to share, especially with Halloween TOMORROW!!

Superstition--Stevie Wonder
Black Magic Woman--Santana
Werewolves in London--Warren Zevon
Thriller--Michael Jackson
People are Strange--The Doors
Hotel California--Eagles
Paint it Black--Rolling Stones
Somebody's Watching Me--Rockwell
Don't Fear the Reaper--Blue Oyster Cult
Highway to Hell--AC/DC

What's your favorite Halloween song? 

PS.  For costumes this year Axel is going as a monkey, Olivia a banana, me zookeeper Barbie and I think Adam's going to be the Man in the Yellow Hat.  So, consider my October 2013 goal completed!!  What are you guys dressing up as?
PPS. If you need a great pre-Trick-or-Treating dinner, check out my Rainbow Chili I made last year.  Seriously some of the best chili I've ever made!


  1. that is such a cute costume, my goodness!

    1. Thank you! It was almost too small. I'm sad I waited to try it on her until it was almost too late.


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