Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like October!

So we closed on our house Monday!  We wont get to move in until Nov 2nd, and maybe not even then since I want to paint the downstairs first.  So, now we know we'll be here until Halloween.  Which means we could finally go buy pumpkins.  Adam is obsessed with pumpkins.  Last year there were THREE people in our family and I think we ended up with no fewer than 10 pumpkins.  That's three per person with one to spare. 

This is our pumpkin we got for free at Cornbelly's Corn Maze, we carved it a week ago.  Olivia LOVES it.  

And then today we visited our traditional pumpkin patch, the patch were Adam went as a kid.  It's a family owned patch, so local that it's just their backyard!  I love supporting small business. 

I want to be in the picture!  But I don't want to actually smile for you mom.

We'll take these two pumpkins!!!  

Olivia pulling her own pumpkin to the car.  At this point, she still thought she got to keep the wagon too!!

We got four big pumpkins, one medium and four little (like the kind you can fit in your hand)  A little bit more than we planned, but that's what happens when you get Adam in a pumpkin patch. 

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